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Questions to Ask Before Moving Pets to a Chico Apartment

Posted by Living In Chico Team

May 08, 2017

couple on couch with dogPeople love their animal companions. Living with a pet not only means having a snuggly friend but owning a cat, dog or another companion actually offers very real health benefits.  A pet also means you have to think about your housing plans. If you're searching for a Chico apartment, you'll want to make sure that your little friend also has the right home. Before you begin, there are a few questions you should ask. 

Is the Apartment Pet Friendly? 

Perhaps the most important question to ask before planning any move, is the apartment pet friendly? Many apartment managers advertise pet friendly housing. Be aware that this term may vary from apartment to apartment along with the definition of pet.

Certain pets such as ferrets or exotic animals may not be welcome even if the apartment is pet friendly. You should know exactly what the manager means by this term in advance before you consider the apartment. 

Can You Negotiate With The Manager? 

You might see an apartment that you like. However, you might not see any indication that the apartment is pet friendly. Just because you don't see these words does not mean the apartment is off limits.

In many cases, you can come to an understanding with the manager that will allow you to rent the apartment with your sweet dog or your adored kitten. A manager is often happy to accommodate pets on a specific case-by-case basis. 

How Can I Present My Pet in the Best Light? 

One of the most important things to think about before you start your search is how others see your pet. While a manager may have concerns about your large golden retriever, there are things you can do to help him relax.

For example, get documentation indicating how well your pet behaves in writing. This can be from your present residential manager as well as from neighbors. You can also get formal certifications indicating that your pet has met certain behavioral standards.

Such documentation can help any apartment manager feel more comfortable allowing you to rent the apartment with your pet. Do not be surprised if the manager wants to meet with your pet before making a decision. 

Are There Any Restrictions? 

A pet friendly apartment may still come with certain restrictions. For example, the manager may only allow you to have a dog up to a certain weight. Other restrictions can also apply. You might not be able to have more than one pet or you might only be allowed a cat and a dog. You may be asked to keep your pet out of specific areas such as the laundry room or community meeting rooms. 

Do Any Additional Fees Apply? 

Another question you should think about is if any fees apply. Even in an apartment that accepts pets, you might still be charged extra. You might have to put down a special pet deposit before you rent.

You may also be subject to an additional fee each month. These fees are intended to provide compensation in the event your apartment or any common areas are damaged by your pet. Make sure you know exactly how much money you are expected to pay. Make sure that you know exactly what is meant by damages. 

Can I Get it in Writing? 

Above all, always ask for anything related to your Chico apartment search in writing. An apartment manager should be happy to provide you with a detailed list of any requirements before you move.  

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