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What Not to Do This Summer in Your Chico Apartment

Posted by Jenna Redman

July 31, 2017

Summer is that time of year where you pack as much fun as possible into your weekends, afternoons, and days off!

One of the best parts about living in an apartment is that you can do many fun things without even leaving your complex.

You have a lot of activities to choose from such as: swimming in the pool, inviting friends over, having a barbeque, or playing in one of the courts offered in certain apartments.

While there are many things you can do in your Chico apartment, there's also a list of things you can’t do or should avoid doing. In case you're wondering what the proper etiquette is when it comes to enjoying apartment life, here are some things that you should keep in mind.

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Summer of 17' Living in Chico Events

Posted by Lexie Swanson

July 07, 2017

One of the best parts about Living in Chico is the strong sense of community we share. Summertime especially seems to bring out the social butterfly in us all. Not only is there a charming friendly downtown atmosphere, businesses and residents join forces to put on quite the event list. Summer of 17' holds some of the best events Chico has to offer, so be sure to join in all of the fun and make memories that you won’t soon forget!

Below we have highlighted some of Chico’s most notable summer events, fun for date nights, families, out of town visitors, and especially locals! Whether you spend a lively evening at the Thursday Night Market, or try out a new menu during Restaurant Week, we’re sure there is a little something on the list for everyone to enjoy this summer. 

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10 Rules to Check On: Having Guests at Your Chico Apartment

Posted by Serene Skiffington

June 28, 2017

Although temperatures may be high, summertime in Chico is undeniably beautiful.

The city comes to life in the hot summer months, buzzing with friendly Farmer’s Markets, live music, and social events. The heat melts everything to a perfect golden hue, like Bidwell Park at sunset, or a dripping ice cream cone from Shuberts.

From the downtown restaurants filled with the sound of clinking laughter, to the outdoor adventures awaiting in Upper Park, summer is the ideal time to invite out of town guests to your Chico apartment, so that you can share the city’s splendors.

During this time of peak out of towners, it is important to check with your property manager on the following rules that your apartment complex may have:

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Safety Reminder: Pool Area Rules for Chico Apartments

Posted by Serene Skiffington

June 19, 2017

The sun is out and the sky is blue, which means it's time to get out and enjoy the amenities at our Chico apartments. Cool off in the beautiful spacious pools or relax in the hot tub. Enjoy the warm weather and have a blast this summer.

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Fireworks in Chico

Posted by Serene Skiffington

June 16, 2017


Happy 4th of July!

Fireworks, the one event that captures the attention of all ages. It’s the time of year to celebrate Independence Day together and gather as a community to watch the dark sky light up in magnificent colors. The feeling of unity it brings to a town is remarkable. Do you remember as a child gathering the kids around your neighborhood and then walking to the end of our street to watch the fireworks in Chico? Everyone waited in eager anticipation for the first “boom” followed by an eye opening display of colors.

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Tips for Moving to a Chico Apartment During Hot Summer Months

Posted by Serene Skiffington

May 26, 2017

If there's one thing Chico, CA is famous for, it’s our incredibly hot summer weather. And although the heat compliments our outdoor adventurous spirit, lush park, and beautiful rivers, it can make moving a bit more challenging. Moving can be a daunting task under the easiest of conditions…add in hot summer days and you might find yourself sizzling with frustration. 

Don’t let the Chico summer get the best of you.

Below are some helpful tips and tricks to battle the heat while you move into your new Chico apartment.

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Summer Sizzler 2016: Running Events While Living in Chico

Posted by Jenna Redman

August 03, 2016

Calling all runners! It’s almost time for the last race of the summer. The Summer Sizzler has been going on for the past three years and every year it gets more popular. Want to sign up with your friends and family to run through Bidwell Park and support two great non-profits? Fantastic. Then continue reading to get all the details on what you need to know about this year’s Summer Sizzler.

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20 Things To Do This Summer While Living in Chico

Posted by Jenna Redman

July 13, 2016

Chico, California is a wonderful place to be, especially during the summer. Many think of Chico as a small town with not a lot to do. While that may seem like the case, it's the exact opposite! Chico and the surrounding area has so many things to offer in the forms of hiking, sporting activities, water fun, and more. Here are just 20 things to do this summer while Living in Chico that can instantly give you memories you can treasure for a lifetime.

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3 Ways “Slice of Chico” Gives a Snapshot of Living in Chico

Posted by Paige Gilbert

July 08, 2016

The majority of our blog posts have something to do with Living in Chico rental properties, but sometimes it’s just fun to post about living in Chico. Downtown Chico especially, always has something to offer, whether it’s shopping to support local business, eating at fabulous restaurants, or attending annual events like Slice of Chico.

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July 2016 Events While Living in Chico

Posted by Jenna Redman

July 06, 2016

Now that the 4th of July holiday is over, it's time to plan the rest of the month. Take a look below at the many fun events happening around Chico and make sure to mark your calendars so you don't miss them!

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