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Why One Family Chooses Rental Living Over Owning a Home

Posted by Living In Chico Team

May 13, 2017

buy or rentWhen you get to a certain stage in life – usually after getting married but before having kids – you start thinking about buying a home. At least, it feels like the logical next step because everyone around you seems to be buying a home. If the topic comes up in conversation, and you mention you rent, you either get the look of disapproval or the condescending “oh, that’s nice if that works for your family” response. Is there something wrong with renting living?

The truth is some people actually choose to rent because there are many advantages – such as minimal maintenance and repair costs, no long-term commitment, and lower housing costs in general – especially if you don’t have a large sum of money up front to purchase a home.

The article below, written as a guest post by Kaly Sullivan for the Money Saving Mom blog, talks about one family’s experience in home ownership and why they may consider never owning again.

Posted by: Money Saving Mom

Why We Rent: Unexpected Lessons About How Ownership

My husband took a job in a different city, and we made the decision to relocate. We sold our house fairly easily (we did not make any money, but we did break even).

Because we were unfamiliar our new area, we thought renting would be a good way to get the lay of the land and settle in before buying a new home.

Now that we are well into the second year of our lease, I’m not convinced that I ever want to own a home again. Although it isn’t always as easy as “Call your landlord and they fix it,” we have thoroughly enjoyed this time off from home ownership.

I can’t imagine walking into Home Depot anymore than I can imagine landing on the moon because as renters we have more…

  1. Time:

Weekends are used for adventures, naps, downtime, and new experiences not upkeep and chores.

  1. Money:

Our rent is more expensive than our previous mortgage but the money we save in home maintenance and purchases has us saving money every month. And we have zero debt!

  1. Brain space:

We don’t worry about systems, resale value, and lists of repairs so we have more room in our heads to pursue our true interests.

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There are pros and cons to home ownership and to rental living. It really all depends on what is best for your personal situation, lifestyle and family. If you’re searching for apartments in Chico California, then you’ve come to the right place.

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