3 Ways “Slice of Chico” Gives a Snapshot of Living in Chico

Posted by Paige Gilbert

July 11, 2018

slice_of_watermelonWhile our blog posts mainly focus on Living in Chico rental properties and all the things you can do within them, it’s always fun to post about actually living in Chico. Downtown Chico always has something to offer, whether it’s shopping to support local business, eating at fabulous restaurants, or attending annual events like Slice of Chico.

The Slice of Chico event is a perfect snapshot of living in Chico. This free event happens the second Friday and Saturday of July and is a summer tradition when Downtown Chico businesses invite the community to the downtown sidewalk sale for great shopping, hot prices, and cold slices of free watermelon from ProPacific Fresh.

If you were new to Chico– maybe a college student making one more visit before the semester starts; family visiting relatives; or someone who just moved into a Chico rental property nearby – this is what you’d see.


1. Families Spending Time Together 

slice_of_chico_2Everywhere you look you see families. Moms and Dads with young kids who have watermelon juice dripping down their chins. Grandparents treating their grandchildren to ice cream, babies in strollers squealing with delight at everything there is to see. Most importantly, nearly everyone has a smile on their face.

If you are wanting to turn it into an all-day family outing here is what we suggest:

  • Start off with the Saturday Morning Market located in the Downtown Chico Municipal Parking Lot on 2ndSt & Wall St.
  • Then head over to the Children’s park to play on swings and ride down the slide.
  • Finish the outing off with a fresh slice of watermelon while browsing the sales for a fun find.


2. Our Local Businesses Shinning

It’s great to see just about all of the businesses in Downtown Chico participating in the event. This year twenty-three of our small business are part of the event; whether they are shops offering a sale, shops doing a giveaway contest, or restaurants serving watermelon flavored drinks! Chico may not have the best shopping when it comes to the big businesses, but our small businesses downtown do not disappoint.

They each have their own personality and offer unique gifts and services you just can’t find anywhere else. There is no doubt they do all they can to keep their doors open and do so because they are a part of something they love. It’s nice to see the community supporting its local merchants.

Our little downtown continues to grow with each new shop and restaurant opening up, continuing to add to the living in Chico charm that keeps people coming back year after year.


3. Simplicity of Living

Living in Chico is simple. Some might see it as boring, but if you’ve lived her long enough you know it’s about backyard barbecues, local events, and smiling just because you’re eating a piece of watermelon and running into friends on every block. As you walk the streets observing Slice of Chico you feel a sense of community.


If you are searching for a place to call home check out our apartments to see if one might be a good fit for you. Don’t forget to come back to our blog often or simply subscribe to get more tips about living in Chico rental properties and life in Chico.

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