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7 Things You SHOULD Be Doing in Your Chico Rental Properties

Posted by Jenna Redman

November 13, 2017

guy repairing dishwasherThere are lots of perks to living in Chico rental properties. From having a pool and hot tub to a well-manicured landscape, all without having to worry about paying for the upkeep!

One of the best things about living in an apartment would have to be the access to maintenance. When you own a home, it costs extra every time you call maintenance out to your house. Good news: here at Living in Chico general maintenance is part of the package. That means no checking to see if you can pay to fix it this month, YAY!

It's only fair then if you do everything you can to keep your apartment running as smoothly as possible. That way, when you move out they aren’t stuck with having to replace all the things that could have easily been saved had you cleaned them every once in a while. To help both you and the maintenance crew out we created a list of seven things you should be doing!

1. Drain Catchers

Ladies (and gentlemen) your hair is the #1 cause for your clogged drain in the bathroom. The good news? This is super easy to fix! Just go out and purchase yourself a drain protector. This handy little tool will catch all your hair so that you can pick it up and put it in the trash!

2. Dishes! 

All units have a dishwasher, but you may prefer to wash your dishes by hand. That is totally okay! We just ask that you run it at least once a month (you can even run it without any dishes) so that it doesn’t seize up and either need to be fixed or completely replaced.  

3. Window Blinds 

Those little blinds on all your windows are dust magnets. Make sure you're cleaning them at least twice a year. This will help when you tackle the deep clean needed when you're moving out. Just make sure you're gentle with them!

4. Carpet Cleaning 

This isn’t something that is covered by general maintenance, but you will thank yourself at the end. It also helps the longevity of the carpet and keeps it in the best condition while you live there. Carpet cleaning should also happen twice a year and will allow you to get more of your deposit back at the end!

5. That Odd Smell in the Kitchen 

It’s probably from the leftovers that you cooked a few months ago and totally forgot were sitting at the back of your fridge. To save yourself from that awful smell it’s best to clean the fridge and freezer out monthly!

Tip: Purchase some baking soda from your local store and place it in the fridge, it will help absorb unwanted orders.

6. Leave It Better Than You Found It 

Some of our complexes have in-unit washers and dryers and some of them have public laundry on-site. It's a good idea to clean out the lint traps of the dryer after each load of laundry. Just like your mom taught you, leave it better than you found it. Even if that means cleaning out the lint left by the person before you.

7. Scrap Disposal 

Your garbage disposal isn’t made for unwanted food and the chunks of meat left on your plate from dinner. The only things that should go down it is small scraps from your plate. This will help it to run smoothly and not become a clogged disposal!


They say that little things can one day turn into big things. Doing all 7 of these things in Chico rental properties allows you to make sure that they never turn into big things! Not only does our maintenance crew thank you, your bank account will thank you when you move out.

Want to get as much of your deposit back as possible? Download our Cleaning Checklist for your Move-Out Inspection to see what we check for when it’s time for you to move out!

Download your cleaning checklist

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