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Apartment Living Hacks for Getting Mail and Amazon Packages

Posted by Ben Olberg

January 20, 2018

Apartment living package deliveryWith the continuing rise in online shopping, especially around the holidays, there has been a spike in package theft. So what can you do to make sure you don’t become one of the 30% of Americans who say they have experienced package theft? Try to make sure you’ll be around when your package is delivered, and if you know you’ll be at work or out of town you should take precautions. Package theft can occur within minutes of delivery. Check out these package delivery hacks for apartment living.

Amazon Locker

As the undisputed leader in ecommerce, Amazon ships an average of 1.6 million packages per day. Yes, that’s per day, every day, so they know a thing or two about how to make sure people actually get their stuff. One of the tough things about apartment living is that sometimes delivery drivers can’t get all the way to your front door. Also, with so many residents in a small area delivery mistakes can easily happen. That’s where Amazon Locker comes in. If you’re worried about missing a package delivery, just select Amazon Locker as you shipping destination. You get a 6 digit code and you’ll have 3 days to pick up your item once it arrives. You can also use Amazon Locker for returns.

Require Signature on Delivery

This is the easiest way to make sure that you actually get your package. Many delivery services give this option and that way you are solving the problem before it ever happens. If you are out when they attempt delivery, the driver will leave a note on your door or you will get an email notification of attempted delivery. In most cases they will just attempt to deliver the following day or give you an option for pick up at their distribution center.

Check With Your Property Manager

You’ll have to check with your property manager, but at apartment complexes with a main management office they can sometimes accept and hold packages for you.  Don’t make a habit of it as this puts a burden on the property manager, but in special cases they may help you out.

Ship a Package to a Friend or Neighbor

Do you trust your neighbors? If you are in good standing with the neighbors and they will be home when the package arrives, you could ship it to their address instead. Make sure they are okay with it and send them a friendly reminder the day the package is supposed to arrive. Friends and family are also great for this.

Send a Package to Work

You will definitely want to check with your employer first, but sending an important or valuable package to your work address can be a great solution. You know that some one will be there when it arrives and most delivery drivers know when businesses on their route are open and won’t leave packages outside where they are potentially vulnerable. Just make sure whatever you’re receiving is work appropriate in case an overzealous office manager opens it by mistake.

Holiday Holds

If you are going out of town you can notify many package delivery services and they will hold your packages at their distribution center for pick up. Each company is different and some have 3 – 5 day limits on how long they will hold your package before returning to sender. The US Postal Service gives the best option and allows you to hold all USPS mail and package service for up to 30 days!

USPS Package Intercept

USPS Package Intercept® sounds like some type of covert operation but it is in fact an option provided by the postal service that lets you redirect mail and packages that have already shipped but have not yet been delivered. This only applies to mail with a tracking or extra services barcode and the service will cost you $12.95 plus postage to the new address.

Insure Your Shipments

You often have the option to insure your shipments but you pay extra for it. The cost is usually a small percentage of the items replacement value. If you have an expensive item being shipped to you, it might be worth insuring. Insurance covers theft, loss and damage.

What to Do if Your Package is Lost or Stolen

All major mail and package delivery companies have a process for submitting claims on lost or stolen packages. Here is a list of resources and info about the major shipping entities from Package Guard to help you out.


With so many options out there for shipping packages, make sure to choose a delivery method that works for you. Technology has helped immensely with tracking packages and knowing when and where to expect them. However, there’s still no good substitute for a friendly neighbor who keeps an eye on your place and can help you out in a pinch. Learn about this and other great tips in our Guide to Apartment Living.

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