Best Selfie Spots in Chico

Posted by Ben Olberg

September 20, 2018

Best Selfie Spots in ChicoAre you looking for the definitive Chico selfie spot? Are you all dressed up, with your hair just right and your "Blue Steel" look rehearsed and perfected? What background is going to help you up your selfie game and get your profile pic to the next level? We have the answers...

First things first - let's set some ground rules. Getting caught taking a selfie is embarrassing, or at least it should be. It's an expression of vanity, or at least that's the perception. If you're going to take a selfie in a popular spot, go early before it gets busy. Also, morning and/or evening light is more flattering than when the sun is directly overhead. Don't overdo the look; no pouty-lip duck faces or trying to flex too hard, it makes you look sad and desperate. Please avoid selfie sticks at all costs.

OK, here is the rundown for the best selfie spots in Chico.


Bidwell Park

Selfie with RattlesnakeBoth upper and lower Bidwell Park are full of natural beauty and endless options for photo opportunities. If you head into Upper Park in the summer, keep your eyes peeled for rattlesnakes - they are notorious photo bombers!



Peace and Justice Center - 526 Broadway St.

With planning and fundraising from local artist Jedrek Speer, a new mural was recently commissioned for the Peace and Justice Center. Designed by world class muralist Shepard Fairey, this impressive work makes a striking backdrop for any photo. 

Love Mural - Humboldt and Park Ave. (Lulu's)

LOVE Mural - ChicoThis large and colorful mural on the wall of Lulu's, says simply "LOVE". It was created in 2017 by local artist Jed Speer and has quickly become one of the most photographed selfie backgrounds in Chico. It's all about the love folks.

Chico State Campus

The Chico State campus is filled with picture perfect spots. There's a great mix of both historic and new architecture and there are trees and greenery everywhere! Chico State even has a page with suggestions for good photo spots for grads. Check it out here.

Our Hands - 4th and Wall St. 

Our Hands - ChicoJust outside the Municipal Center building at 4th and Wall St., these six foot tall hands were created in 2000 by Donna Billick. Standing between them makes for some great Chico selfies.


Unity Mural - Boys & Girls Club

Jed Speer strikes again with another inspiring mural. This one is at the Boys and Girls Club downtown (on the Shubert's side), and offers another simple word in vivid color, "Unity".

City of Chico - Public Art Portfolio

To find other hidden gems around town, check out this list of public art from the City of Chico.

Lookout Point - Skyway

Just 15 minutes up the Skyway towards Paradise, you can pull off the road at lookout point for a beautiful view of the canyon and the city beyond. This spot is the most spectacular in the spring when everything is green, and wildflowers are in bloom.


Funner Than the Phonebook

We love Chico and we enjoy sharing all the great things about it with people. While you're out taking selfies, be sure to check out some of the amazing local businesses here in town. If you need recommendations on where to go and what to do, download our Funner Than the Phonebook DIrectory!

Funner than the phonebook directory

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