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Choose Chico! 11 Reasons Why Living in Chico Rocks!

Posted by Jenna Redman

August 24, 2017

Living in ChicoIn case you didn't know, let us inform you that Chico is an amazing place to live.

There are so many reasons why this charming college town is home to so many people. With summer coming to an end, fall just peaking over the horizon, and all the students returning to campus life, we have that familiar conviction of new beginnings and hometown pride. 

Each season brings its own source of joy and entertainment. We can guarantee that when the summer sun fades into crisp mornings and spiced lattes that the fun of living in Chico only gets sweeter. To fill you in on why Chico is the best place ever to live, we came up with 11 awesome reasons. 

1. Farmer's Markets

We have three different farmer’s markets in Chico. The Thursday Night Market continues until September 28th in the heart of downtown, while the Saturday Morning Market (located on 2nd & Wall St) and Wednesday Night Market (located on Pillsbury Rd.) are open year around, rain or shine.

2. Bidwell Park

Bidwell Park has 3,670 acres, making it one of the largest municipal parks in the United States. Because of its size, the terrain changes drastically as you move from downtown Chico into the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. Locals refer to this sectional divide as Upper Park and Lower Park. Each park has its own unique attributes, whether you want to hike, bike, horseback ride, picnic, swim, golf, or take a scenic drive. We encourage you to get out there and explore both! Doggies welcome!

3. City Parks

As a community oriented city, Chico also has many other parks that each have their own treasures. They have walking trails, biking trails, playgrounds, big lawn areas for sports, and picnic areas. These parks are located all around the city and are perfect for play dates, birthday parties, dog walks, and more. Be sure to take your little ones to Caper Acres

4. Restaurants

The food scene in Chico is off the hook (fantastic sushi included). Check out the Food Lover's Guide to Living in Chico for recommendations and locally kept secrets.

Whether you are a brunch lover, lunch goer, or dinner diva, Chico has something amazing in store for you. From breakfast places like Mom's, B-Street, Beatnik’s, Nashes, Sin of Cortez, and tons more, to fresh healthy lunch spots like TBar, Big Tuna and Great Harvest, to dinner at Sierra Nevada or 5th Street Steakhouse, Chico has a place for every kind of taste!

5. Bars

Downtown Chico also has a bunch of fun bars for date nights, dancing nights, or for just grabbing a beer with friends. One thing you may not know about Chico, is that some of the absolute best food can be found at local bars, such as the incredible Fish Tacos at the Banshee or the Jiffy Burger at the Bear. If you've got a little mud on your boots, then swing dance your way on over to the Crazy Horse Saloon, we promise you'll find a country cutie to spin around the dance floor. 

6. Coffee Shops

Obviously, after you check out all the restaurants and bars, the next place is coffee shops! Although definitely not lacking in the Starbucks Department, Chico's true coffee crowd will proudly tell you all their local favorites, such as the Naked Lounge, Bidwell Perk, It’s a Grind, and many more. Hint: Never underestimate the Mocha at Upper Crust Bakery, talk about a divine chocolate overload!

7. Bakeries

Speaking of bakeries....Chico has the most mouth watering cupcakeries, breakfast pastries, and croissant making queens you ever did see. If you absolutely delight in peering over glossy glass counters at the wondrous sweets inside, then don't hesitate to visit the Tin Roof, Upper Crust, Mim’s, and Lovely Layers. 

8. Theater Productions

We have two theatrical centers in town, the Blue Room Theater and the Chico Theater Company, each with excellent performances and charming venues. Skip movie night at the cinema, and impress your date with a live theater performance. In addition, we have the wonderful productions put on by CSU Chico Performances, who marvel audiences with plays, dances, ballet, and cultural events that even star everyone from kids to professionals.

9. Historical Places

Do you enjoy learning about the history of the town you live in or may be moving to? Find out the history of how our town was founded at the Bidwell Mansion. Check out our local Gateway Science Museum along with the Chico Air Museum for a rich historical flashback of our heritage. We even have a section of museums that you can easily access downtown!

10. Events Galore! 

If you haven’t figured it out yet, downtown is the place to be for a fabulous night out. There are tons of events happening downtown in the next coming months, be sure to check them out!

11. LivinginChico.com

Not only does our charming town have all these wonderful attributes, we also have amazing places to live! Whether you are looking for an apartment or home, all the resources you need can be found in one place, Living in Chico.Com! Our hope is that you will not only enjoy the town you explore, but also the place you call home. 

Chico has something to offer anyone looking to get out of the house and enjoy themselves. From food, drinks, entertainment, events, and more, we have it. These are just some of the reasons why you should choose Chico (if you haven’t already) as your next home. You won’t regret it, we promise.

To start your apartment search in Chico today, start with the fun guide below!

Happy Family-Find out how to Make Apartment Searching and Living Funner

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