Fun Activities to Keep You Active in Winter While Living in Chico

Posted by Jessica Miley

December 14, 2016

child and man ice skatingJust because the cold and wetter months are amongst us here in Chico doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of things for you to do to stay active. Here are a few ideas that Chicoans enjoy doing around town.

Mini Golf and Batting Cages

At Funland here in Chico, you can play a little mini golf depending upon the weather. If it’s drizzling and you don’t mind getting a little wet, then grab the family and get a game of mini golf going. Once you're done hitting a hole-in-one, you can hit a few balls in the batting cages to work on your form and your hand-eye-coordination.

Frisbee Golf Course at Sherwood Forest

Again, if you don’t mind getting a little wet then heading to the Sherwood Forest Frisbee Golf Course should be on your list. Don’t know how to play Frisbee golf? It's an easy sport to learn and can be a fun activity to do with a group. Check out our blog on the basics of playing!

Take a Walk in Bidwell Park

In the mood to do something where you don’t have to keep score or maybe you want to do something that doesn’t require a group of people? Then grab your coat and take a walk in beautiful Bidwell Park. Whatever winter weather is being thrown at you (aside from a storm), taking a walk in the park can be a great idea. Because there is a paved road that goes through the park, you can use that as your guide to stay safe, get less muddy and easily prevent yourself from getting lost.

Roller Skating at Cal Skate

Want a fitness activity that doesn’t require you getting cold or wet when it’s raining outside? Then head over to Cal Skate. You can spend a few hours roller skating. Need to take a break? They have a snack bar and arcade games to give your legs some time to recuperate and then get back at it.

Ice Skating in Paradise

If you want to take your skating skills to the next level, then head on up to Paradise, Ca where you'll find a seasonal ice skating rink. Located at the Terri Ashe Recreation Center, you have access to the ice until the middle of January. Click here for more information on hours, closure dates and prices of admission.

Start Training for the Local 5K

Every year Chico hosts its local Frost or Fog 5k run through Bidwell Park. It doesn’t matter if you're an avid runner or a beginner who loves getting involved in Chico events, this 5k is for you! The run isn’t until January 21st but you can start training yourself to prepare for the run and the cold weather.

Join the Chico Running Club

Do you enjoy running or would like to learn how to enjoy running? Then join the Chico running Club. For a low annual fee, you'll have a team of running buddies throughout the whole year!

Use the Amenities at Your Apartment Complex

Last but certainly not least, you have access to various amenities at your Living in Chico apartment complex. So, if skating isn’t your thing, you can work out at your complex gym or take a steam in the sauna room. If you don’t live in a Living in Chico apartment then you might want to start thinking about it!

At Living in Chico we have wonderful apartment complexes that have various amenities that our residents love. And if you have any ideas on fun activities to do during the wintertime here in Chico leave them in the comments below!

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