Get Rid of Annoying Birds at Your Chico Apartment

Posted by Ben Olberg

August 06, 2018

Annoying Birds at Chico ApartmentThe chirping of birds can be a soothing sound to some, and an annoyance to others. Some species of birds such as the Scrub Jay have a pretty shrill sounding squawk that is likely to get old after a while. Woodpeckers can create a ruckus when they decide to drill into your apartment roof or siding to hide away a morning snack. If you are not a morning person, you are also less likely to be a fan of birds, who have a habit of getting up with the sun and getting noisy. So what can you do at your apartment to get rid of unwanted birds? Before you even think it, NO, do NOT get your BB gun out. You are more likely to hurt some one or damage your neighbors property when firing a BB gun in an apartment complex. There are less dangerous, humane ways to keep birds away for good. Here's how...

First Steps First: Know Your Enemy

Every bird species is a little different. That means that some methods will be more effective than others. Try this Interactive Problem Solver from Bird-X to figure out what the best methods are for your specific avian pest.

Bird Spikes 

Don't worry, these are not lethal spikes. They are usually wire or plastic and can be placed on ledges, or exterior window sills to discourage birds from landing there. It's a simple way to make it uncomfortable for your feathered friends and they will move on to a more cozy perch for their morning rituals.

Owls and Snakes

Predators scare away birds. Owls and snakes are natural predators for birds. Before you go to the exotic pet store, just look online. You can find lots of fake owls and snakes on Amazon that are surprisingly effective at keeping birds at a distance. After a while the birds might start getting wise to your game, so put the fake predators in new positions every week or so and use them in conjunction with other deterrent methods as well.

Scare Balloons

If you don't mind hanging some large bright colored balloons in your yard, these scare balloons with large predator eyes can do the trick for keeping pesky birds at bay. Especially when you hang them somewhere they can move around in the wind, these huge eyeball looking orbs make birds uneasy. They also might make your neighbors wonder a bit as well.

Reflective Materials

Reflective tape or shiny plastic scare rods are also effective. The movement and constant reflections keep birds on edge, so they move on to less stressful environments.

Chemical Repellents

There are a number of safe chemical repellents that drive birds away without causing harm to plants or animals. Birds have a highly developed trigeminal system (similar to our sense of smell), and this substance irritates them while remaining undetectable to people.

High Tech

If you want to go high-tech, there are a couple options for you. High frequency sonic emitters work to annoy birds and discourage them from hanging around. These high-pitched electronic devices are only audible to the most sensitive ears. Some people have concerns about running these sound emitters on a constant basis. Do your own research and see about getting a system that can be programmed for specific hours.

As you can see, there are lots of non-lethal options to get rid of annoying birds around your Chico apartment. Be sure to reach out to your neighbors as well. It may not be enough to just take measures in your own yard, a community effort will be most effective. Odds are, if these early morning squawkers are bothering you, they are bothering your neighbors as well. For more tips on how to live your best life in your apartment, subscribe to our blog to get regular updates. We help you solve problems in creative ways that make apartment living fun again.

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