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Have the Winter Blues? Check Out Our Amenities at Living in Chico Apartments

Posted by Jessica Miley

January 05, 2017

hot tub at Living in Chico apartmentIt's common to get the winter time blues if you feel as though you have to spend all of your free time in your apartment. A great perk that you can have while living in Chico apartments is having access to the amenities that are found at your apartment complex. Here at Living in Chico, we have various amenities at our different complexes that you will surely enjoy during the cold winter months!


Many of our apartment complexes have clubhouses for our residents to use. That’s right, if the staff are in the office and the clubhouse is open, you can go in there to enjoy the many perks that are found there. From pool tables to DVD checkout and flat screen TV to a fireplace, our clubhouses are wonderful for entertainment while staying cozy. Our residents can enjoy the fireplace while watching the football game, which seems like a great way to end a Monday night, don’t you think?

Hot Tub/Saunas

Want another way to stay warm and relaxed? Our hot tubs and saunas are the perfect solution to those tired muscles at the end of a long day while staying warm. There are several benefits to soaking in a hot tub. These include reducing stress, helping induce sleep, lowering blood sugar, and more! And saunas have various health benefits too, relieving some symptoms of chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, musculoskeletal pain, skin conditions, and more. So the next time you are thinking about hitting the hot tub go ahead and tell yourself it will be good for your mind, body, and soul!

Fitness Center

If you enjoy taking a run outside during the warmer months, then it might be hard to adjust to running in the cooler months. Our fitness centers are great for our residents who want to stay in shape and be healthy even when it’s cold outside. You can take a run on a treadmill while watching it rain outside the window. Sounds like a good perk to me!  

These are only a few of the amenities that our apartment complexes have to benefit to our residents. Please note that not every apartment has the amenities that are listed above. If you are starting your apartment search with us, we recommend you click here to check out which complexes have which amenities to ensure that you are looking at Living in Chico apartments that meet your needs. Take a look today! You will be glad that you did.

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