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How To Pick the Right Roommate For Yourself in Your Chico Apartment

Posted by Jenna Redman

August 25, 2017


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To live alone or not to live alone? That is the question. We believe this is the most important question to ask yourself before you start looking for a Chico apartment.

Are you looking for an apartment where you can afford to pay for everything yourself or do you want a better place and to split the cost with a roommate or two?

If you end up wanting or needing to find a roommate or roommates then it's important that you don’t just move in with the first person who is interested. A roommate can make or break your apartment living experience, so make sure you choose the right one(s).

To help you know what kind of questions you should be asking people so you can weed through the potential candidates here are 30 different questions you should bring up in the next interview. Don’t worry though, some of these are there to just lighten up the mood!

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30 Questions to Ask a Roommate Before You Move in Together

By: Jillian Knox Finely

As someone who has successfully nailed the ever-so-choppy waters of cohabitation with a friend, I am fine with tooting my own horn in this arena. I know how to pick a roommate. Before moving in with my roommate C, we sat down for affectionately called a lifestyle audit. Though we had been friends and neighbors for years, living with someone is a horse of a different color. 

Everyone is entitled to personal preference. Of all the places in life where you can't get your way, home is not one of them. Ask a ton of questions, and observe with equanimity. Due diligence is a must before agreeing to live together. Keep scrolling for everything to ask a potential roomie before you set a move-in date!

  1. What’s your daily routine?This line of questioning will be a slow burn. Start small, by walking them through a typical day in the life. The goal is to get a feel for what a typical day for each of you is like, sans drama or outside stressors—we’ll get to those.
  2. How would you prioritize the following activities: work, play, clean, and rest?Studies show more important that sharing the values is the priority placed on the values themselves. 

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Ask, Ask, Ask, and Ask!

Don’t feel bad about asking all these questions, you are looking to share your Chico apartment with someone for a proposed length of time. This is not the time to go soft. Find someone who you can mesh well with. There is bound to be an issue or two that will come up, so find someone who you can feel comfortable with when having conversations about disagreements.

After you have conquered the task of find a roommate or roommates, it’s apartment looking time!  

These tips can help you make a final decision on the right apartment

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