Living in Chico: Fall 2018 Bucket List

Posted by Jenna Redman

September 12, 2018

book and mug in a fall settingIt may be hard to believe, since this year's fire season and air quality is worse than last year, but cooler weather [and hopefully clearer air] is on the horizon.

The first day of fall falls [see what we did there?] on a Saturday this year, the 22nd. Therefore, fall is right around the corner and everyone is anxious to pull out their cozy cardigans and boots. Especially since Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte, which usually lets everyone know it's time for fall, arrived way early this year. 

Temperatures are looking to be in the 80s and low 90s for the rest of September [cue people wo0hoo-ing]. Soon our little town will be buzzing with happy park goers, bike riders, and shoppers, leaving us to finally enjoy our beautiful tree-lined sidewalks without blistering in the sun or inhaling smokey air.

It's our goal this year to savor every blissful day, because before you know it fall will fade to frosty mornings and the sunshine and golden leaves will be gone. To make sure you spend Fall 2018 living life to the fullest, we have come up with a special Bucket List of 37 delightful items for you to check off!

We hope you spend the next 21/2 months soaking up every moment of cinnamon sugary goodness, crisp mornings, and pleasant cloudy afternoons. Get ready for one festive bucket list! We bet you can't guess #19...


Fall Bucket List 2018

1. Spice up your home with fall decor

Here are some ideas for filling your Chico apartment with fall-themed decor on a low-cost budget! Spruce up your living room with white and gold pumpkins, or cuddle up with a soft plush burgundy throw. The possibilities are endless! Whether you prefer sparkly orange or hushed harvest hues, fall is the time to spice up your home with your own personal flair. Check thrift stores for holiday decorations with a little extra love. 

2. Taste of Chico

It’s happening this month! Sunday September 23rd located in Downtown Chico. Tickets are still available, so get yours today. Please drink responsibly. 

3. Rake your leaves into a pile, and jump in them!

Let your inner Peter Pan take over! Ditch all those pesky adult inhibitions and have some real honest to goodness fun. Make a mess. Get dirty. It's good for you.  

4. Make caramel apples...and share them with your neighbors

Crispy, salty, sweet, carmel-y goodness in every bite! Yes please! An apple a day, right? 

5. Cook a yummy stew in your Crock-Pot

This is a perfect meal idea for the busy bee on the go who also happens to enjoy a fabulous home-cooked dinner. Prep in the morning before work and come home to a house filled with the smell of delicious stew. 

6. Art, Wine, Music & Fairy Door Walk

The month-long art walk begins on Friday, October 5th 5pm-8pm, and will feature an exciting mixture of paintings, ceramics, and sculpture produced by local artists. Apparently captivated by all the fabulous artwork on display at downtown businesses, fairies have conjured a dozen or so dainty doors for children to seek by which they may have the chance to procure their very own fairy garden!

7. Bake a pumpkin or apple pie

To take your baking skills to the next level, try using cookie cutters to place festive dough decorations on top, like leaves or pumpkins! 

8. Go on a hayride

9. Update your fall wardrobe

10. Downtown Harvest Sidewalk Sale

October 5th and 6th starting at 9am the prices fall faster than leaves off a tree! Put a dent in your holiday shopping, or pick up some new things for your home. Click here to learn more.

11. Cuddle on the couch during a movie marathon

12. Make a fire and roast s’mores

Want to switch it up a bit and try a twist on the old classic? Check out these 12 creative s'more recipes that will have you feeling fancy at the campfire.

13. Leave your windows open at night and let the cool air in!

14. Attend a local football game

We don’t have a college team, but our local Butte College does! We also have two major high school teams, Chico High School and Pleasant Valley High School. Every year they have a rivalry game that our lovely town of Chico calls the Almond Bowl, this year it's on the 26th of October in the brand new Chico High Stadium.

15. Gather your friends for a fall photo shoot in Bidwell Park

16. Get lost in a corn maze

17. Visit a haunted house

18. Decorate your porch or balcony for Halloween 

19. Visit Apple Hill

Apple Hill is the place to go to shop fall decorations, pick your own apples, visit artisan vendors, or see a pumpkin patch. Check out their calendar for all the upcoming events. They have so many different farms and ranches that there is no option but to enjoy your time there!

20. Plan your series premiere viewing schedule

21. Try you hand at knitting! (DIY Christmas gifts anyone?)

22. Halloween movie marathon

23. Spend a Sunday doing nothing but watching the National Football League

24. Throw a Halloween costume party

25. Light fall scented candles

26. Hike through upper Bidwell Park to see the changing tree leaves or drive down Esplanade

27. Drink all the fall drinks you can think of

(Pumpkin Spice Latte, Salted Caramel Latte, Apple Cider, Hot Cocoa, etc.) 

28. Visit a pumpkin patch

29. Carve or decorate a pumpkin

30. Camp out under the stars

31. Treat Street

Every year on Halloween, Chico’s downtown provides a safe place for kids ages 12 and under to Trick or Treat on October 31st from 2p.m. - 5p.m. It allows them to dress up, celebrate Halloween and fill bags of candy to the brim, while also reassuring parents that their kids are protected and safe. It's a win, win!

32. Wear your favorite fluffy scarf 

33. Start your Christmas shopping list now (you’ll thank us later)

34. Make fall spiced cookies

35. Make a “thankful for” list

36. Sit out on your patio or porch wrapped up in a blanket with your favorite fall drink and enjoy a few hours reading a book

37. Run a 5k

Every year on Thanksgiving, Chico hosts the Run for Food, which donates all proceeds to the Jesus Center, an organization that works to help improve the lives of our city's homeless population. Thousands of people show up every year to support the Jesus Center, exercise before the big Thanksgiving meal, and support a worthy cause in our community. Join us this year!

Ready, Set, Go!

There you have it, thirty-seven fantastic things you can do this fall while living in Chico! The best part about lists of course, is crossing off items for completion. Knowing that you have lived fall to the fullest will put a smile on your face and prepare you for the next season of holiday cheer!

Jump right into your Fall 2018 Bucket List, Pumpkin Spiced Chai in hand! 

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