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Living in Chico: Your Trusty Apartment Search Sidekick

Posted by Serene Skiffington

September 01, 2017

Living in Chico-Your Trusty Apartment Search SidekickNever forget the importance Robin played in Batman's victories. Everybody needs a friend to help out when things get tough, even super rich, buff billionaires.

When it comes to finding a Chico apartment, you’re going to need the right help.

Let us be your sidekick, so you can be the superhero.

Find out why Living in Chico is your greatest ally for defeating the loathsome evil apartment search.

We Make Apartment Searching FUN

A sidekick should make life easier for the superhero, and also be really fun and have a good sense of humor, just like LivinginChico.com! We are an apartment rental website that was launched in 2010 by The Hignell Companies in response to the question, "How can we make searching for an apartment on the internet more enjoyable?"
In the past, apartment searching has always been an evil villian who sucks away our time and causes waves of stress and even panic. Never fear, Living in Chico is here! A trusty website sidekick that will help you conquer victoriously and actually make your apartment search experience funner!
We designed our website with the Chico California community in mind and have dedicated ourselves to providing you with fun and valuable information for life and apartment living in our beloved city.
Our mission statement is: "Creating Caring Communities" because we believe in helping people live happily together. We could have been like all those other apartment search sites and done the same old boring apartment listings, but that's just not us, and frankly that's not Chico.
We know the place you live is important to you and your family, it's part of your life, and it's where you build your memories. That's why we try to bring a little life to apartment listings.
Here's what we bring to the table as your trusty sidekick:

Super Awesome Website

First of all, have you seen how high tech and fancy our website is? Yeah, no big deal or anything, but Lucius Fox from Wayne Enterprises just stopped by to spruce it up a bit. 

But seriously, it's fun, informational and engaging. You should be able to start your apartment search on a site that has your best interests in mind, has a user-friendly interface, and is updated frequently to provide you with relevant information and listings. It also has bright, fun colors, because, obviously that makes everything better. Check it out for yourself to see all the awesome features. 

Super Helpful "New Listings"

Searching for an apartment that's actually available is key. Luckily, LIC posts "New Listings" weekly for vacancies and notices. This feature allows you to keep up on what's for rent at which complex. We encourage you to start your search for a Chico apartment here. If you have questions about the listings, don't hesitate to reach out in person. 

Super Rad Virtual Apartment Tours

As Living in Chico's hidden superpower, the virtual apartment tours hosted on the website are an incredible resource for finding a Chico apartment that you'll love. Having these videos handy saves you time and gives you an authentic feel for environment, layout, and amenities.

Not only do you get a sneak peek into the apartments, but the host also walks you through the clubhouses, gyms, playgrounds, pool areas and more. Talk about a helping hand! This feature is perfect for people who like to do their own research from the comfort of their couch. In-person tours are also available by appointment -- contact Living in Chico!

Super Handy Apartment Comparison Tool

One tricky aspect of apartment searching is being able to sort your options and lay them out side by side to compare, especially when you're looking online. To help solve this common pain point for apartment searchers, Living in Chico came up with a comparison tool that allows the viewer to see all features, amenities, starting rents, and more, all in one place! How handy is that!?

Compare Apartments and Amenities

Super Cool Resources

All great sidekicks have something unique and special about them. At Living in Chico, ours is strength in resources. On every topic you can imagine! From moving, to pets, to finding roommates, to safety and much more, our Resources page has tips and tricks for every living situation.

There are downloadable guides, How To's, and advice backed by years of experience in the industry and insight into the community. Trust us, if you have questions related to moving, finding an apartment, or living in an apartment, you can find the answers in our super cool resources. 

Boom! Super Sidekick at Your Service!

Powered by a genuine passion for providing great quality housing, Living in Chico truly is your most trusted sidekick when it comes to finding a Chico apartment. As your one stop shop, from searching, touring, to comparing and signing a lease, we have you covered.

We promise to do our best to make your apartment search more fun and we pledge our services to help you conquer the villains that stand in your way, like packing and paperwork. Packing....ew, gross. 

Not only do we love and care about the wonderful city we call home, we care about how you will live happily in our apartments.

For access to a wealth of information and tips, follow our blog! We post every week to share tips and updates on the best ways to enjoy living in Chico. 

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