Looking for Available Apartments for Rent in Chico?

Posted by Ben Olberg

February 10, 2018

Available apartments for rent in ChicoSpring is just around the corner (although Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and bought you some time), and in an already competitive rental market how do you find the right apartment? Get started now! We can help you find the best available apartments for rent.

Spring is the season of change and renewal, so if you’re looking to change your scenery you’re not alone. It’s one of the busiest seasons to move which is both good and bad. It’s competitive because there are others looking, but it also means a lot of inventory opens up.

Start getting ready now. Clean up your place, get rid of stuff you don’t need and check out the available apartments on LivinginChico.com. There are a few different ways to start this process, let’s take a look!

Email Inquiry Form
You can submit your info and what type of apartment you are interested in, as well as setting rent maximums and ideal move-in dates. It’s quick and easy and we will follow up with a list tailored to your needs. Or you can browse for yourself with some of these other options below.

Video Tours! 
Want to get a sense of the property and amenities? Take a quick video tour to see which property feels like the right fit for you. Do you want a pool? Exercise room? Pool table? Oh yeah, we’ve got that.

Search Current Vacancies
This is a list of all currently available apartments for rent across all of our properties. You can filter results by all sorts of parameters to find what you’re looking for.Apartments for rent in Chico

Search by Property

If you know that you are interested in a specific property you can search here to view vacancies exclusively at the property of your choice. If a friend referred you to a specific property be sure to mention it.

Forms and Downloads
We are excited that you are interested in living in a Living in Chico/Hignell managed property. This link has forms that you will need to fill out as part of the application process.

In springtime the early bird gets the worm…or the ideal available apartment for rent, so start looking now. Do your homework to find the right place and if you need help finding the right roommate, be sure to check out these tips.

When you move you often need to contact utilities, support services and sometimes find places to shop or grab a bite in your new neighborhood. If only there was some resource that already had all that information in one place. Oh wait, there is! We call it the Funner* Than the Phonebook Directory and it has everything you’ll need.

Funner than the phonebook directory

*we know "funner" isn't a word, but let's face it, it's way more fun.

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