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Move into a Chico Apartment and Live Happily Ever After

Posted by Serene Skiffington

May 24, 2017

Living in Chico Apartments

Once upon a time, there lived an unhappy resident, locked away in an apartment she hated. Then one day, along came a brave knight to save her from rental doom. The knight reached through the bars of her window to hand her a single piece of paper. Written on the paper was a name that would solve all her problems:

Living In Chico Apartments

The unhappy resident went straight to the site. She searched and she toured, to find an apartment just right. She moved right away into a Living in Chico Apartment, and spent all her days filled with sunshine and laughter. Thanks to the brave knight, she lived happily ever after.

Are you looking for a happy ending to your apartment search in Chico?

Let us be your knight in shining armor! Give us the chance to make you fall in love with our amazing Chico Apartments, complete with spacious floorplans, walk-in closets, gorgeous landscaping, swimming pools and much more.

Like the first page of an unwritten book, our Living in Chico site is the beginning of a grand adventure to happy apartment renting. Under the “Property Search” tab you will find a listing of our apartment communities, each complete with a video tour and listing of amenities. You can even use the apartment and amenities comparison tool included below. Follow along below to learn more about some of the magical amenities at our Chico apartments.

Pools Built for Princes

Because summer in Chico is hotter than a fire breathing dragon, we have made sure to include a royal oasis at many of our apartment communities. There is nothing better than relaxing in the sauna after a hard day’s work, enjoying a poolside BBQ, or a Saturday in the sun. At our apartments, we strive to provide a welcoming, safe, and friendly environment. To see our pools right from your screen, take a tour today through our apartment videos tab. Trust us, these pools are built for princes. Check out the pool at Sterling Oaks, it is truly magical!

Closets Fit for Kings

For those of you with larger than life needs for closet space, you’ve come to the right place. Take a virtual tour to see them for yourself, but we can guarantee you’ll love the spacious closets available at our Chico apartments, including the walk-ins at Lassen Villa, Rosewood, Forest Avenue, Sterling Oaks, and Villa Monterrey.

Even the one bedroom apartments at Westpark Gardens have two spacious his/her closets to make your living experience comfortable and organized. If closets fit for kings (and queens!) are a high priority on your list for your apartment in Chico, be sure to cruise through our listings to pick your favorite one.

Laundry for Your Linens

Whether you wear fancy ball gowns or thrift store scores, everybody appreciates easy access to a washer and dryer. Every one of our facilities offers laundry capabilities, whether right inside your apartment like at Amanda Place, or readily available onsite at Rosewood. We like to treat our residents as royalty. You deserve the convenience of clean clothes at your disposal. 

Clubhouses Fit for Queens

At our Living In Chico apartments, we provide much more than just great housing, we provide the experience of community. This is made possible through our beautiful clubhouses, that offer space and convenience for all of your needs, such as rooms to rent for private parties, social gatherings, work out rooms, game nights, and more.

If you are looking to throw a baby shower or simply enjoy the social atmosphere of the living rooms, our clubhouses enhance the living environment of your apartment though a real sense of community. So, whether you are Belle the bookworm looking to share novels, or a socialite prince in search of a ballroom, take a look at the different clubhouses and communal spaces at each apartment complex. Be our Guest!

The End!

We truly hope you have enjoyed reading about some of our favorite amenities. Here at Living In Chico we dedicate our site to rescuing residents from rental doom, and are happy to help them find their fairytale. Nobody likes a tragic ending, especially when it comes to housing. 

Avoid villains, dragons, witches, and woe. Learn more at the link below!

Compare Apartments and Amenities

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