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Prepare Your Chico Apartment for THE BIG GAME!

Posted by Ben Olberg

February 02, 2018

Chico - Apartment Big Game2Apart form vacuuming and buying some chips and dip, what does it really take to have a good viewing party for the biggest football game of the year?

Have you been to a bad football party before? It's boring, there's nowhere comfortable to sit, the snacks are lame and you are just looking for an excuse to leave.

Here are some essential elements to consider when hosting a football party in your Chico apartment.

This Sunday, Feb. 4th the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots go head to head for the 52nd anniversary of "The Big Game". As one of the biggest events in both sports and TV, the NFL's "Super Bowl™" is a big deal and also a strictly enforced trademark of the NFL. The NFL has been known to go after businesses that publicize "Super Bowl™" related events and even stopped several Churches from having viewing parties. So from here on out we will refer to it as "The Big Game" to avoid getting a letter from NFL lawyers.

With that out of the way, let's have a party!

Invite Friends and Neighbors

You want to have a fun crowd so invite your friends and neighbors. Make sure to keep your group small enough for your apartment so it's not uncomfortably crowded. Invite your neighbors to help build community within your apartment complex. That way they feel included and are less likely to complain if it gets a little loud. It's also a fun way to get to know your neighbors better, which has many benefits for apartment living.

Food and Drink

Snacks are great; chips, dips, snack mix and cookies are all fun and tasty treats, but most of them are not technically food. Have some options with actual nutritional value. Some fruit or a veggie tray will be much appreciated by your guests and be sure to have something that is a substantial source of protein. Sandwiches are great since you can make them in advance. Hot wings and nachos can also be prepped in advance and just popped in the oven for a quick warm up. These kinds of foods will stick with your guests better and also help balance out the beer. For those 21 and over beer is an option if you trust your guests to drink responsibly. Liquor is not recommended since it's much easier for some one to overdo it and you are responsible for the actions of your guests in your Chico apartment.

Create a Comfortable Viewing Area

Bring in extra chairs or even borrow a friend's couch so that everyone has a place comfortable place to sit. La-Z-Boy recliners and bean bags are also encouraged. You may want to rearrange your living room for optimal TV viewing. Make sure your TV is big enough for the group. These days a 40" TV is probably the minimum size for a large group. Bigger is always better when it comes to TVs.

Pre-Game Show

What are you going to watch before the game? There is plenty of pre-game action and commentary, but nothing as adorable as Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl. Besides The Big Game this is the must watch event of the season. 

Football Squares

Living In Chico does NOT condone betting in any way, let's just start with that. However, Football Squares is a really fun way to keep the game interesting even when it's a blowout. Our suggestion is that you buy a few prizes to give out to the winners. Winners are determined by the last digit in each team's score at the end of each quarter. You don't have to know anything about football to play it and it keeps everyone engaged even though we all know that Tom Brady is going to pull off another win.

Clean as You Go

Don't wait until everyone leaves to start cleaning up. If you pick up during the game and at half-time you will be a lot happier at the end of the night. Also, good friends are likely to pitch in and help if they see the host cleaning up.

Set an End Time

Even if you love your friends and neighbors, you want them to go home at some point. Pick an end time and post it on your invite. When that time comes, turn off the TV and focus on cleaning up, your guests will get the hint. There's nothing worse than Uncle Larry hanging around for 4 hours after the game telling you the same stories you've heard a million times. Tomorrow is Monday and you've got stuff to do.

The Commercials 

For some people The Big Game is a football event, for others it's a social event, and the commercials are the best part. Even if you're not a football fan, you can enjoy hanging out with your friends and watching the funny commercials that companies are paying over $5 Million to air for just 30 seconds.

You may have seen this movie trailer for "Dundee" a supposed sequel to Crocodile Dundee starring Danny McBride as Mick's long lost American son. Turns out it's a commercial planned to air during The Big Game to promote Australian tourism.


If you pay attention to these elements of a good football party, you and your guests are bound to have a good time. For more tips on living your best life in your Chico apartment, check out the Guide to Apartment Living.
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*Living In Chico is in no way affiliated with the NFL and is not a licensed sponsor of Super Bowl™ LII*

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