Rental Living Tips to Get You in the Mood for Spring Cleaning

Posted by Paige Gilbert

April 04, 2018

person cleaning counterNow that the nice weather has arrived, it's time to open all the windows and start airing out your apartment. You can create even more space to breathe by doing some thorough spring cleaning. The key to truly enjoyable rental living is utilizing the space you have to the fullest and being as clutter-free as possible. That can be easily accomplished with a few simple spring cleaning tips.

Tidy First

It's difficult to see what needs to be cleaned up if your apartment is cluttered with dirty clothes, junk mail, and various random items laying around. Put away all the items that have a designated place, like clothes in a dresser and towels in a linen closet. With the daily clutter put away and dealt with, you can better see the bigger areas that need attention.

Decide What's Necessary

There are probably items, aside from summer clothing, that you haven't touched all winter. If you haven't needed it or missed it, consider getting rid of it. Maybe there are appliances taking up space in your kitchen cabinets that you haven't touched in months and keep to themselves in their corner of the cupboard. Donate items that are still in good condition and throw out broken items that are just taking up valuable space.

Set Aside Time

Do you want to do everything in one day? Or do you want to take several days to spring clean? Depending on the size of your apartment, more than one day might be required. It's counterproductive to become so exhausted cleaning one area that you have no energy or motivation to clean anywhere else. Pace yourself and take time to plan what you're going to clean when and how you're going to rearrange things in your rental living space.

Seize the Opportunity to Freshen Your Space

Spring cleaning feels like an unpleasant chore in rental living but it doesn't have to be. View cleaning and tidying as a chance to give your space a face-lift and prepare it for the warmer months. Cleaning windows and washing or replacing drapes creates a fresh feel in any room and shakes off the last of the winter stuffiness. Clear out all those cluttered corners where you've crammed items all winter and you'll be able to breathe easier.

Stock Cleaning Supplies

Scheduling a day to clean your apartment is a great idea as long as you make sure you have everything you need to do it. Have plenty of paper towels, cleaners, dry mop cloths and other items you prefer to clean with before you start. Running out of a necessary cleaning supply in the midst of the activity halts progress and makes it difficult to restart. If you're going to be using cleaners of any sort make sure you have gloves to wear so your skin is protected.

Make it Fun

Yes, cleaning can be fun as long as you approach it with a positive attitude. Think ahead to how proud you'll be of everything you've accomplished. Imagine how much more livable your apartment will feel once everything has been cleaned, put away, donated or thrown out. Put on your favorite music and really get into the groove of cleaning. Music is a great motivator and music with an upbeat tempo might even make you work faster.

If you aren't up to really digging into the whole spring cleaning thing, then maybe try to just freshen up your space. It's always nice to be able to invite people over to a clean place. 

Rental living is about creating your own space and making it your home. Welcome spring with a fresh, clean interior and you'll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the warmer, longer days of spring and summer. A little hard work now is well worth the effort! You may not be moving, but our Cleaning Checklist for Move Out Inspection is a great comprehensive list of all those nook and crannies that have collected all the winter yuckiness. 

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