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Should You Hire Professionals to Move You Into Your Chico Apartment?

Posted by Living In Chico Team

May 10, 2017

professional moversMoving time: It's exciting and you look forward to your new Chico apartment. But when it comes to the actual move, you dread it. The packing, cleaning and moving of your belongings is more than a chore, it's a gigantic and overwhelming undertaking. It doesn't take long to fill every room in your home with furniture, accessories and other personal belongings.

If you are planning a move anytime soon, you've probably already felt out your friends and family to see if they could give you a hand. If you heard crickets, then it means you're on your own.

Should You Hire Someone To Help You Move?

For some people, the idea of hiring someone to help you pack and move your apartment seems odd. People are so independent and do-it-yourself that it may not even occur to them. But the reality is that hiring someone to help you pack up and move makes sense.

You Save Time

Time is your most important asset. Moving takes time. When you are moving, you are probably also working, caring for your family or meeting other obligations. When you don't have enough help, you are struggling to get it all done. It doesn't have to be this way! You really can allow someone to come in and take that weight off your shoulders.

Professional movers can come in and get the job done in a timely manner. This means you have more time to get your old place cleaned up and get settled into your new Chico apartment.

But more time and less hassle aren't the only reasons you should consider using a professional mover.

Peace Of Mind

You've worked hard for what you have. From your computer to your brand-new flat screen television to your glass-topped dining room table, your stuff is replaceable, sure, but who has the money for that? Especially when most of your money is tied up in deposits and other expenses?

Here's where hiring professional movers is your smartest option: Protection. Things happen when you move. Stuff gets lost and broken. Well-meaning friends drop your brand-new television halfway through the parking lot. Family members send your piano careening down the stairs.

What can you do? Sure, they may offer to pay you for the damage, but you don't feel right about taking the money when they were just trying to help you out. It's certainly not worth ruining a friendship over, and who wants the awkwardness?

Your professional mover is just that: A professional. They know how to pack and wrap and move things both large and small (and expensive.) Your mover will treat your stuff with kid gloves and if something happens you won't have any awkwardness, they'll just make it right.

If you're moving to a new Chico apartment, you don't have to do all the work or bug friends and family for help. In the time it takes you to round up someone with a truck who will actually show up and do the work, you can put in one phone call to a pro and have it done in no time, freeing you up to settle into your new apartment and start living your life. 

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