Tips for Surviving Grad Weekend While Living in Chico

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May 11, 2018

Living in Chico Grad WeekendWe know that Chico State graduation weekend can be quite the frenzy with families visiting and seemingly nonstop festivities, but this is a special time for those seniors who are bringing the college chapter of their lives to a close. Living in Chico means supporting the students as they support the town’s economy especially when the parents are in town. With this year’s ceremonies coming up on May 18th through 20th, we wanted to give some tips to help the locals out as they go about their weekend.

What To Expect

For the most part, every single hotel room will be booked (aka don’t plan on having friends visit from out of town). There will also be a wait at every restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner within the downtown area -- Tres Hombres, Sierra Nevada, 5th Street Steakhouse, and Burgers and Brew being the most popular. We would suggest avoiding the downtown area entirely and if you need to get from one side of town to the other then stick to the freeways.

Restaurant Options 

Even though this is a popular weekend for the students living in Chico and their guests this doesn’t mean that everyone else should put their plans on pause. Locals can still order food for pick up, pizza, or try out apps like GrubHub so they don’t have to leave the comfort of their home. If you still have the desire to dine out, there are tons of eateries outside of the downtown area that (hopefully) won’t be packed:

Local Activities

For the most part places like Lower Bidwell Park and Monkey Face will be packed with students celebrating summer time. But no fear, there are still plenty of ways for the locals to enjoy their weekend:

This is a happy time of year and we want to make sure that everyone living in Chico is supportive of each other as well as enjoying the beautiful city that is Chico. No matter how crowded it is there is something for everybody in Chico.

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