Tips to Clean Your Living in Chico Apartment For Holiday Get Togethers

Posted by Jessica Miley

November 06, 2015

family at dinner tableWhether you're hosting the holiday get togethers or just hosting a guest at your apartment, it's nice to have your Living in Chico apartment clean and ready for anybody to stay and visit! Getting your apartment clean and organized can be a challenge especially in a time crunch. Here are a few tips to get you ready for apartment cleaning!

First start by doing a walk-thru of your apartment as if you were a guest.

Take a look at your walls, ceiling, floors, furniture etc. Guests can be especially picky when it comes to cleanliness so it’s important to make sure every inch of your apartment is spick and span.

Create a list of things that aren’t a normal part of your cleaning routine. See a spot on your baseboard that needs a touch of paint? Find a snag in your rug? These are things that you could quickly forget to do so do them first before you forget!

Have a spare bedroom where your guests will be sleeping?

What about a pull-out couch that hasn't been used in awhile? Things that don’t get used as frequently can get dusty and musty smelling. Tend to these things next.

Make sure the mattress is still comfortable, open up a window to let the air circulate and wash the bedding. Good hosting etiquette teaches that you should offer clean bedding for your guests.

If you have extra bedding that has been cleaned but stuffed in a cabinet for a long period of time, pull it out, make sure it still smells fresh and shake it out to ensure that you don’t have any bugs finding refuge. Nobody wants to wake up with a spider on their face especially if they have a food coma from your Thanksgiving feast.

Deep clean the parts of your Living in Chico apartment that you normally clean.

Some people clean room by room and some people clean task by task. It doesn't matter if you clean all of your toilets at once or start with cleaning your entire kitchen, just start with a plan and stick with it. It's easier to miss something that needs to be cleaned if you don’t stick to a cleaning strategy!

The last thing you should clean is your entryway.

Both the inside and outside should be cleaned. Take a broom and get rid of any spider webs, sweep away any leaves and dirt, wipe down your porch light and get rid of any dead plants on your porch.

These are just a few tips to get you started and on your way to cleaning your Living in Chico apartment. Keep a look out this month for a how-to blog on decorating your apartment for Thanksgiving and the fall season.

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