Remembering Father’s Day While Living in Chico

Posted by Natasha Hawkins

February 13, 2013

Acknowledging our Chico Dads

June is a month of special memories as we recall our hero’s in life. They’re that special person you looked to as your protector and guardian. As we acknowledge our fathers, mentors and hero’s living in Chico, we encourage you to look back on your life and remember those special moments.

Pondering the Past

The people I work with tasked me to write a blog about fathers for this very special month of June, where those of us living in Chico celebrate Father’s Day as does everyone else worldwide. Well, I’m not really sure about worldwide, but I do know we celebrate it in the USA and in England on the same day, as I’m sitting across the street from a restaurant in York, England called Loch Fyne Seafood where they are advertising booking in for their fabulous Father’s Day lunch. Actually, after a quick Google lookup it turns out there are over 70 countries worldwide who celebrate fathers in the month of June. Let’s face it, fathers are a pretty big deal. They are worthy of celebrating and honoring, and I am glad I get to do this.

While I have spent much of my life living in Chico, my original home and the home of my father, was this very town of York where I now find myself. Here, amidst the cobblestone streets, the ancient York Minster, the Shambles and all the other parts of York that I adore, I find I miss my dad even more than I normally would. You see, this will be my first Father’s Day without my dad, as he passed away last October, leaving a hole in my world and the worlds of many others that cannot easily be filled. My co-workers knew my dad, as we had lunch every week at one of our great restaurants. That is a great part about living in Chico….so many restaurants. Dad had his favorites though, and getting him out of his Italian Cottage rut wasn’t easy, though he started to take quite a liking to Grilla Bites’ salad bar in the last few months we shared Wednesday meals together. Dad was a pastor in town and was loved by many, but he was mine every Wednesday. I treasured those times together more than I could have imagined I would when we instituted the tradition.

Staying Connected with Dad

Having traditions with our dads is one of the best parts of relationship. If we have the privilege of having them close by, a weekly lunch or dinner can be one of the key ways to stay connected and share life. If they aren’t close, a regular phone call or visit is key. Living in Chico with my dad we had traditions that came and went over the course of years, but setting aside a time for just he and I to be together was an important part of the seasons of life. We had time with the rest of our families too, but our one on one time was sacred. There is a deep sense of history in the streets I am walking on this holiday. York is an ancient city founded in 71AD by the Romans. The city itself speaks out our ties to past generations where you find yourself wishing the stones could indeed talk and you stand in cathedrals where prayers have been uttered for thousands of years. Ties to the past are profound and affect who we are and how we live life. But even with all this ancient history surrounding me, I am realizing that even living in Chico there is history in the paths I walk because I walked them with my dad. Whatever your relationship with your dad, I hope you take the time this month to honor him for being your dad.

By Kathryn Redman, daughter of Paul Rhodes


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Fun with Dad – Living In Chico Bidwell Park Golf Giveaway

Posted by Travis Martin

February 13, 2013

Free Round of Golf

This month would like to help acknowledge coaches, mentors, dads, uncles and relatives that have been there to help make our moments extra special. To show our appreciation, is giving away 2 Bidwell Golf Course Certificates plus free cart rental for Father’s Day. To enter giveaway, fill out the subscription form at the top right of this blog and click submit. We wish the best of luck to all our amazing Chico CA fathers. We will contact the winner via e-mail.

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