How To Get Chico Apartments Ready For Holiday Traveling

Posted by Living In Chico Team

December 08, 2017

Going out of town for the holidays? Now is a good time to educate yourself on how to make Chico apartments more secured while you're gone for an extended period of time.

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Topics: Apartment Living, Safety, Holidays

Holiday Party Ideas Your Friends Will Attend at Your Chico Apartment

Posted by Jenna Redman

December 01, 2017

You know how each holiday you wished you had some fun party planned for you and your friends or even your neighbors at your Chico apartment? Last year you saw all those cool ideas but you just don’t know where that list went or if anyone would want to attend those parties.

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Topics: Living in an Apartment, Holidays

How To Decorate Chico Rental Properties Safely for Christmas

Posted by Living In Chico Team

November 29, 2017

We get it, the season is here and it's time to get into the Christmas spirit.You take out the boxes of Christmas decorations or you head to the store to get the latest in décor. First things first, let’s go over the safety basics for decorating Chico rental properties.

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Topics: Apartment Living, Decorating your Apartment, Winter in Chico, Safety, Holidays

How To Host Thanksgiving at Apartments in Chico California

Posted by Serene Skiffington

November 17, 2017

Gobble gobble! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means it's time to break out your holiday apron, dust off the old cookbook and gear up to be the hostess with the mostest! Serve your guests in splendor at apartments in Chico California!

If you agree that the perfect amount of butter is when it starts to pool underneath your dinner roll, then we are on the same page and you'll love this post. 

Let this blog serve as your official guide to hosting an epic Thanksgiving. 

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Topics: Fall in Chico, Living in an Apartment, Holidays

Thanksgiving Decorating Tips For Chico Rental Properties

Posted by Jessica Miley

November 03, 2017

The holiday season brings so many beautiful things, such as joy, togetherness, fine food, cool weather and much more. But with all of the wonderful things, we can feel our wallets tightening up. 

This can be tricky when it comes to seasonal decorations, which bring the holiday joy into our homes and are an integral tradition to many of us, but are not considered a practical expense. 

Store bought decorations are expensive! Good thing there are creative ways to turn Chico apartments into warm and welcoming holiday hang outs. Here are a few decorating tips for Chico rental properties to get you ready for Thanksgiving.

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Topics: Apartment Living, Decorating your Apartment, Fall in Chico, Holidays

Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Restaurants If You're Living in Chico

Posted by Jessica Miley

February 14, 2017

Are you trying to make last minutes Valentine’s Day plans? Well when you are living in Chico, it may seem like you have been to every restaurant in town. Or maybe you and your sweetheart have fallen into a rut and you only go to the same restaurant when you go out for dinner.

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Topics: Living in Chico, Chico Restaurants, Holidays

How to Place Your Furniture for a New Year’s Party in Chico Apartments

Posted by Jessica Miley

December 29, 2016

Are you hosting a New Year’s party in your apartment? Then it's time for you to start rearranging your furniture to get the optimal amount of seating and comfort in your apartment for your guests. That’s right, you can throw a get together in Chico apartments with a reasonable number of guests without feeling crammed. Check out these 3 steps to help get you there.

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Topics: Apartment Living, Holidays, Decorating your Apartment

Celebrate The Holidays While You're Living in Chico

Posted by Jessica Miley

November 12, 2016

‘Tis the season to give thanks, help others and spend time with family and friends. If you're living in Chico, then you're in luck. We have several different events coming up that will prepare you for the holidays. We might not get snow here in Chico, but we still like to celebrate the holidays that happen in the winter time.

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Topics: Living in Chico, Apartment Living, Winter in Chico, Holidays

Decorating the Front Porches of Chico Apartments for Halloween or Fall

Posted by Jessica Miley

October 20, 2016

Not everybody is a Martha Stewart mastermind when it comes to creativity, decorating and all things crafts. But just because you don’t have extreme crafting skills doesn’t mean that you can’t have Halloween or fall decorations on your front porch. That’s right, just because you live in Chico apartments doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun decorating and getting in the spirit of the season.

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Topics: Apartment Living, Decorating your Apartment, Holidays

Make Your Spooky Fun Halloween Plans While Living in Chico

Posted by Jessica Miley

October 07, 2016


Are you looking for fun things to do in Chico for Halloween? Lucky for you, because you're living in Chico, you have different options for you that are safe and fun. So grab your family and make plans for the last day of October!

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Topics: Safety, Funner, Community Support, Holidays

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