How to Assemble a Fire Emergency Kit and Build an Evacuation Plan

Posted by Jenna Redman

August 15, 2018

The California Wildfire season seems to be getting worse over the last couple of years, blazing through places that you’d normally think wouldn’t burn. People who never thought they were living in an area of California that could easily burn have been evacuated and many of them have lost their homes.

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Protect Your Car In Your Apartment Parking Lot

Posted by Ben Olberg

July 20, 2018

According to the California Highway Patrol there were 175,351 vehicles stolen in California in 2017. That's a value of approximately $1.3 billion. That doesn't even include the thousands of car break-ins where thieves just smash and grab cellphones and other items left visible in cars. San Francisco is having a car break-in epidemic, with almost 30,000 vehicle break-ins recorded last year.

So how do you keep your ride safe from would-be thieves? Follow these simple rules to drastically reduce your risk...

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How to Cook the Perfect Turkey in Chico Apartments

Posted by Serene Skiffington

November 20, 2017

Cooking the perfect turkey is the ultimate Thanksgiving dream.

Thankfully, Chef Alton Brown details a step-by-step guide in Bon Appétit magazine, complete with quirky advice and plenty of personality. If you have been searching for the best way to brine, brown, and keep your turkey tender and moist, you've come to the right place.

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Living in Chico Apartments: Get Involved This Holiday Season

Posted by Jenna Redman

November 08, 2017

The holiday season is upon us ladies and gentlemen! There are so many things to do in Chico around the holiday season, which makes Living in Chico apartments that much more fantastic. There are plenty of treasured Chico traditions, fundraisers and even Christmas themed shows to donate your time to!

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Once Upon a Time: A Tale of Renter’s Insurance for Chico Apartments

Posted by Jenna Redman

November 01, 2017

Once upon a time there was a woman named Mary and she had a sister named Sandra. Since the sisters were only a few years apart they became the best of friends growing up. They did everything together from dance camp to cooking classes to reading the same books.

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The 3 Step Guide to Renter's Insurance in Chico

Posted by Serene Skiffington

September 11, 2017

We're here to tell you from experience that renter's insurance isn’t just for the worry warts, nerds, and type-A’s of the world. It's actually an incredibly smart and practical resource to have in your corner, especially for those unpredictable (costly) moments in life.

Skipping two Starbucks drinks a month could be what stands between you and the financial loss of that $1,800 Macbook Pro you so dearly love, or the family heirloom bracelet your grandma gave you, or even the sum total of your entire living room. Accidents happen, theft happens, and natural disasters definitely happen.

Don’t be naïve about renter's insurance, give up one restaurant cheeseburger a month, and buy into a plan that could save you from serious financial setback. Check out this easy 3 step guide to get started:

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Why Renter’s Insurance May Be Your Best Purchase While Living in Chico

Posted by Jessica Miley

June 08, 2015

This blog is dedicated to all those apartment renters who don’t have renter’s insurance. You shouldn’t wait another day to get covered. The staff at Living in Chico want all of our residents to know the basics of renter’s insurance and to encourage them to buy renter’s insurance. Here are a few reasons why you should buy renter’s insurance today.

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Why the Recent Fires in Apartments in Chico California Should Convince You to Get Renters Insurance

Posted by Jessica Miley

June 23, 2014

The unimaginable happens. You are cooking in your kitchen and a grease fire starts. You don’t know how it started. You were in the kitchen tending to your dinner and all of a sudden your world has changed. You have started a fire that would potentially take down your apartment or the whole building. Whether you are in the process of searching apartments in Chico California, or you already live in an apartment that you love, we want you to be proactive.

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Topics: Rental Living, Renter Solutions, Renters Insurance

What to Know About Renter’s Insurance While Searching Chico Rental Properties

Posted by Jessica Miley

April 23, 2014


Look around your apartment. Maybe you have your BBQ on the patio, the TV in the living room, a new bedroom set, a bookshelf full of books, and your DVD collection. After you add the value of every piece of furniture, decorations, and other personal belongings that amount is probably more than you think it is. 
After your search through Chico rental properties, you have now moved into your beautiful apartment. Or maybe you have been living in your apartment for years. You still need renter’s insurance. Here are answers to three big questions you might have about renter’s insurance.
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Living in Chico Apartment Safety: Renter’s Insurance

Posted by Natasha Hawkins

February 18, 2013

If you’re thinking that you only need insurance if you own a home, you’re not alone. We don’t want you to learn the hard way though, so to help make sure your apartment living season in life is kept safe and secure we’re here to tell you about five real-life stories that could happen to you.

Scenario One: The Lonely Candle Stick

It’s a romantic evening and your neighbors decide to have a nice candlelit dinner. They then proceed to hit the town while forgetting to blow their dim lit candle out when leaving the apartment. Sassafras the cat decides to test his leaping ability and launch from the top of the fridge to the kitchen table accidentally knocking over the candle and catching the apartment on fire. Oh, and remember you’re living in an apartment, so your neighbors are really close by. If their apartment catches on fire and you have to reap some of the consequences, they don’t have renter’s insurance but you do, so you’re covered for the damage.

Scenario Two: The Inside Pool

Here’s the set up…a cold and rainy night makes a nice warm bath sound amazing so you proceed to the bathroom and crank that bathtub knob to full blast. While you go prepare a nice cup of apple cider in the kitchen your significant other calls to tell you about how they just hit a squirrel on the way home, a common occurrence living in Chico, but always story-worthy nonetheless. Meanwhile, as you discuss the tragic death of one of God’s most beloved creatures your bathtub starts to overflow and spill out the edges soaking your bathroom floor and bedroom with a layer of water that damages your entire base flooring. Oops is right! But don’t worry, because renter’s insurance can cover that too!

Scenario Three: Is This My house?

Imagine a lovely spring day living in Chico. You’re walking along a sidewalk in a nice neighborhood or apartment complex and you realize you don’t have a key. You decide to break through a window to get inside. Nobody is home when you do it so you don’t bother a single soul. While you’re in the house you decide to grab a laptop, camera, $400 in cash and a backpack for that 7-11 Slurpee when it gets too cold to hold. So, you take it, head out the door and hit the park, when all of a sudden you realize “Oh wait, this isn’t my stuff, I don’t even live in that neighborhood!”

You get the picture…Some people like to test out their “007 theft acting ability” on your home once in awhile. For safe measure, get renter’s insurance, it covers people who forget where they live.

Scenario Four: The Nobody is Home Dance

Picture this. It’s late, quiet and nobody is home when all of a sudden you get the uncontrollable urge to dance the night away while you crank “Gangnam Style” in your apartment living room. All is great until you hit the line “Ompa Gangnam Style” and then your body proceeds to take on a new form of seizures while trying to bust out the fanciest dance move possible.  All of a sudden you unexpectedly whip out your signature karate side kick and knock over mom’s $2,000 vase she brought you made from minerals found in the deep jungles of Africa. Now you’re sad, not only because your signature move had an epic fail, but your mom is about to come over for the holidays and when she sees her broken vase she will probably proceed to lay down the woopin’!

Let me tell you, if you have renter’s insurance it will soften the blow of that twig branch outside….maybe.

Scenario Five: Renter’s Insurance vs. Sierra Nevada Cheeseburger

The last and final reason why you need renter’s insurance is because all the nerds do it. Let me tell you, those smart people out there may not look like they have swag but they sure know how to save money and keep their five gaming computers safe. You know, just in case the hot pocket in the microwave explodes and catches the apartment on fire or someone decides to steal their equipment that took years to afford.

Apartment living in Chico is generally safe, but stuff does happen. The simple decision is this: cut out one restaurant cheeseburger and a Starbucks coffee per month and you’ve covered what it costs for renter’s insurance, protecting you and giving you peace of mind. Let me tell you, it’s worth it – I know because one of the scenarios above really happened to me.

*Please understand that we do everything in our power to run a safe property, but we can’t guarantee safety as we have no control over such events as a zombie apocalypse or sudden alien takeover. We are also not legally responsible for a sudden influx of fire breathing dragons or the damage they cause. We encourage our residents to take proper safety precautions and alert us when necessary.

For more information about renter's insurance download our Renter's Insurance 101 eBook today! This FREE resource will give you the inside scope on all things renter's insurance.

Click to get your copy of Renter's Insurance

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